Welcome to the CEIBS iCourse courseware App

For fulfilling the demands of students on easily viewing courseware and for supporting the concept of CEIBS Green Campus, the school launched the iCourse application in 2012. This application provides students courseware that are based on iPad, and it also provides students textbooks and reading materials for their courses. Courseware can be converted, encrypted and maintained by the department via this application. The features of this application are showed as below:

1. Use iPad as the main mobile terminal for client to easily view courseware and to make notes
2. Facilitate students to view CEIBS courseware and cases anytime
3. Convert and produce courseware automatically and support various mainstream file formats
4. Tools include highline, bookmark, comment and handwriting etc 作
5. Provide clients courseware anytime anywhere base on the interaction of information flow of mobile internet

Base on the CEIBS courseware function, CEIBS updagraded iCourse app. Now students can get more other informations : course schedule, course detail information, classmates, events etc.

Support Email: mobile_support@ceibs.edu
Welcome to the CEIBS iCampus Mobile App

iCampus is a platform which can provide official news and events of CEIBS(China Europe International Business School), it is also a platform which can provide some specified applications for students and alumni. The features of this platform are showed as below:
1. Publish CIEBS official news
2. Publish CEIBS official events information
3. Publish CEIBS official alumni news
4. Publish CEIBS official alumni events information
5. Inquire CEIBS alumni and students CV by multiple criteria
6. Today's Campus - CEIBS today's information(courses/events/parking)
7. Lecture Video
8. Course Switch/Knowledge Test

Support Email: